The National Landscapes & Tours You MUST Experience in Colombia

The National Landscapes & Tours You MUST Experience in Colombia

Lost City, Colombia

Colombia is one of the most beautiful destinations in Latin America. If you’re visiting the country for any length of time, there are some locations you definitely don’t want to pass up. Here are six places to add to your itinerary for a tour through the country.

1) The Lost City

Known locally as La Ciudad Perdida – Spanish for “the Lost City” – this archaeological site , located in the country’s northeastern coast near the Sierra Nevada, is believed to be that of a city founded about 800 BCE and inhabited right up to the Spanish Conquest of Latin America.

The hike to get to the city isn’t for amateurs. It’s about 27 miles in total over moderately rough terrain – but the end result is one of Latin America’s oldest and most fascinating archaeological sites. 

2) The Coffee Trip


Nothing teaches you about a culture quite like sampling their drinks, and Colombia’s coffee is definitely worth taking a tour for. Most people like to start in Bogotá – the country’s capital – and work their way up north to Cartagena on the safe, well-traveled route between the two major cities.

3) Tayrona National Park

Located on Colombia’s caribbean coastline, this gorgeous national park was founded in 1864 to protect its status as a cultural treasure for the citizens of Colombia. As a crosspoint between the mountains and the sea, the park offers easy access to two completely biodiverse regions, including literally hundreds of different species of birds.

Tayrona National Park



4) Villa de Leyva

Located in a high-altitude valley, near the capital city, Villa de Leyva is a town that hasn’t changed much in the last few hundred years. With neither resources nor trade close by, the town has simply existed all by itself and been happy to do so. The location feels straight out of a history book. This hasn’t gone unnoticed by the locals, who declared the town a National Monument in 1954 and began making earnest efforts to keep it just as it currently is.


5) Nevado del Ruíz

This broad, glacier covered volcano is located in the central region of the country, northwest of the capital city of Bogotá and in the borders of Manizales and Tolima. It covers more than 200 square kilometers and it has been active for two million years, with three major eruptive periods. This volcano is part of the Los Nevados National Natural Park, where other volcanoes can be found as well and is one of the most visited natural locations in Colombia.

6) Guatapé


With the construction of a hydroelectric dam in the 1970’s, the town of Guatapé has changed from a quiet farming community to one of the most vibrant social regions of the country. Of course, even that pales in comparison to the Peñol Rock, a natural formation that reaches over two hundred meters into the air above the city. It’s a long climb up, but don’t worry, there are refreshments waiting for you at the top – and the view isn’t to be missed.

These are only a handful of wonderful landscapes and tours you can explore on your next trip to Colombia!

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