15 January, 2016

Maintaining Your Health in Latin America

After a few decades of working hard to save up money, most of us are more than ready to kick back, relax, collect our Social Security, and retire to the beautiful neighborhoods of… Latin America? Believe it or not, heading south of the border might actually be a better plan Read the full article
8 January, 2016
Take a Break at Rosario Islands

Enhance Your Vacation With a Digital Detox

When you envision your vacation, do you dream of laptops, tablets, smartphones, and the myriad of digital devices we use daily accompanying you to paradise? While technology makes it easier than ever to stay in touch with friends, family, and colleagues, it can be difficult to leave them behind while Read the full article
1 January, 2016

Get Your Coffee Fix in Eje Cafetero in Colombia

Coffee. That one word conjures up vivid aromas, imagery, and passions. Whether a person visits the local coffee house on main street or frequents a large chain, this dark liquid often plays a vital part in the start of our day. Coffee fuels our passions with unique roasts, blends, and Read the full article
25 December, 2015
Experience in Cartagena

6 Tips to Get the Best Experience in Cartagena’s World Heritage Old City

Planning a vacation to the beautiful city of Cartagena, Colombia? You’re in for an awe-inspiring trip that will be sure to take your breath away! Cartagena is most well known for Old Town, a walled town at the center of the city which consists of three famous historic districts, El Read the full article